Concordia Ale House

Tonight, we didn't feel like cooking. So, we headed on down to the Concordia Ale House. It's just blocks from home and it has one of the best burgers in town...the Firehouse burger. OK, it costs nearly $8.00 bucks, but it's really delicious. There were three onion rings, a whole beef patty, pepperjack cheese, bacon, jalapenos and the sauce! It seems the burger is just getting better each time I go (I've had it 6 or 7 times now). And yes, it IS in the same league as Stanich's.
If you're thirsty, the Concordia Ale house has nearly 20 beers on tap, and scores of beers in bottles. I've been fully satisfied by every meal I've had at the Concordia Ale House. The only problem is that seating is limited.

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