Tabor Authentic Czech Eatery

So, a reader recommended that we try out the Tabor food cart, stating in a pair of e-mails that...
I like your guys' food blog. I went to No Fish Go Fish today. It was pretty good. Have you guys tried the Tabor Czech cart yet? It's my favorite.
and then, in response to my request for more info, stating that...

5th & Stark in a lovely red and fluorescent green cart. It's best to go before noon or call it in because sometimes they stop taking orders or they run out of food.

I have tried all the following and they were delicious:

Pork Loin Schnitzelwich
Chicken Schnitzelwich
Muenster Cheese Sandwich
Bramborak filled with spinach & ham
German Smoked Sausage
Eggplant Sandwich

Anything I haven't had, my friends have had and said was delicious also.
I mentioned the recommendation to JLowe, who (like me) was intrigued, and we determined to set course today for the Schnitzelwich experience. The reader, Mak, came along to take part in the goodness.

When we arrived, we were greeted by an impressive menu that, at first, seemed a bit overwhelming...

However, the kind chap inside was quite proactive and friendly, and made sure to point out the strengths of the menu. Which, apparently, are pork, "the King of Meats," and the Schnitzelwich, advertised as being "big as Big Pink."

Not one to dodge proper advice from the proprietor, both JLowe and I diligently ordered the Pork Schnitzelwich. Mak ordered the Muenster Cheese Sandwich just to mix things up.

As we waited, the guy up front chatted us up and engaged us in wide-ranging dialogue, never overbearing but always quick to chime in with a good comment. The sort of fine balancing act that, if done well (as it was here) can really add to a food cart experience.

The Pork Schnitzelwiches were prepared rapidly. Each was $5, and the array of beverages (mostly Hansen's natural sodas and Pellegrino ades) were all $1.25 or less, so lunch is economical. The Muenster Cheese Sandwich took a few more minutes, but we were all ready to go eat within 5 minutes of ordering.

We headed over to Pioneer Courthouse Square, where they happily now have chairs and tables near the food carts, and sat down to our lunch.

Here's a picture of the Pork Schnitzelwich:

The picture doesn't tell the whole story. The Schnitzelwich is a meal unto itself. It's bulky and surprisingly filling, so it's a great deal for a guy on a budget.

Flavorwise, though, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. The pork itself wasn't seasoned, which perhaps is the point in traditional Czech cooking, but which made for a less interesting sandwich. It was also pretty greasy in its fried breading, which coated my mouth in a not-so-pleasing way and took away from my enjoyment. Also, despite a nice horse-radishey paprika-ey dressing and some caramelized onions, it was far less interesting and flavorful that I thought it would be. That said, the sauce did have a nice little kick, so to the extent that there was a flavor there, it was good.

Overall, I'd have to say the experience was a bit of a let-down. However, I'll probably go back to try something else before rendering a final opinion.

If you're on a $5 budget, head down to Tabor, give it a try. And feel free to share your thoughts with us...


m a k i l a said...

You forgot to mention that cart guy called my sandwich "Death by Cheese" wherein JLowe replied "There is no such thing."

Sorry the sandwich was a let down but at least you tried something new!

Rusty said...

Oh, yeah, I was totally gonna mention death by cheese!!! Total brain fart.

No apologies. I think I'll try to go back when the lady is there, since you indicated the food is usually better...