Monteaux's Public House

OK, this place isn't in Portland. It's in Beaverton. But, when you visit friends in Beaverton, you've got to eat in Beaverton. Monteaux's Public House isn't a bad choice. I liked it. It's not a chain and if you have kids you won't feel out of place.

I had Dad's Meatloaf. Quite savory. The vegetables were steamed, but still crunchy. Plenty of mashed potatoes. It was a very good, hearty meal. But, it wasn't so much that I felt like rolling over and going to sleep. One of our friends had the the Creole Chicken Fettuccini. Just spicy enough (I got a taste of it).

The waitstaff is pleasant and very patient. All in all, if you find yourself in Beaverton, in need of a good meal, try this place.

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Rusty said...

Close enough...

PDX area. Beaverton's really just West Portland, anyway.

Heck, in my mind, Seattle's extreme NoPo...