Another Rule

As I awaited today's lunch at Tabor with Mak and Rusty, I formulated a new rule. It's the Rule of Three and it's simple.

Let's face it, an eatery is going to have an off-day. An eatery is going to have items that it does well, and items that aren't so great. Many places have more then one cook or chef, and some chefs are just superior (they've got the mad skills of culinary excellence). Ingredient issues, demand pressures, etc., all play a part.

Every place I eat, given those realities, deserves three shots to impress me, to satisfy me, to make me feel warm and full in my belly...and to make me feel good about the money I just forked over to fill my pie hole. But if I still find a place to be horrible after the third dining, then I am done and I will not return. AND you WILL hear about it.

So, Tabor was OK today (Rusty's review below is spot-on). But given the menu, I anticipate there is room to impress...

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