Big Town Hero

Now you know why I hate JLowe. I'd asked him if he wanted to go to the Red Coach for his first day back to work, and he blew me off for his alleged "meeting." Then he finds out he's free for lunch, and do I get a call? Nooooooo!

I ended up getting a sandwich two blocks down the street from him. I wasn't planning on it, but a morning engagement ran a little long, and I was in the Congress Center building (or whatever they're calling it now) in the 1000 block of SW 5th Avenue, and when I got off of the elevator I saw BTH.

When I'm discussing getting a quick sandwich with Gastro Boy, or my wife, or whomever I discuss such things with, the conversation is usually limited to Subway and Quizno's. And, since I really can't remember the last time I ate at Quizno's, Subway usually wins. It's convenient, it's cheap, and it doesn't offend (at the same time, it never really impresses, either). I mean, sure, there are plenty of little sandwich places here and there where you can get a mean cold cut combo, but I'm usually just as interested in convenience as I am in product when a food craving comes on.

Big Town Hero ends up being, in my mind, the exception to the general fast-sandwich rule. It's like the Burgerville of franchise sandwiches; it's just as fast, just as convenient, just as cheap, but generally leaves you feeling a whole lot better.

Yesterday I had the Very Berry Turkey, a nice throw-back to Thanksgiving. Turkey, cranberry sauce, and some cream cheese put together in an oh-so-delightful 8" onion loaf. Add to that the free refills while I waited (Subway doesn't offer that perk) and I was in heaven.

I've never had a bad sandwich at BTH, which is more than I can say for Subway or Quizno's or a myriad of other places. And so, if you're looking for a quick sandwich in Portland (or Salem, or Eugene, heck, they're all over), I recommend them to you.


Gastro Boy said...

Hey Rusty: next week you will have to walk the 4 extra blocks to Gurrardi's for a real sandwich...

Brother Jonathan said...

Well, based on a recommendation, I went to Big Town Hero for a sandwich. Thought it tasted funny, but assumed it was the bread. Finally decided to open it up and look. The roast beef was an unique opalescent green. I did lose my appetite, but thankfully not the contents of my stomach. I don't think I'll be going back. At least at Subway I can see what they're putting on my sandwich.

Anonymous said...

BTH is a good local sandwich chain. Help the local economy and eat there, just maybe stay away from the roast beef.