Paradise Bakery

I mentioned this place the other day when I was raving about the Spicy Pickle. Today, my wife and daughter came to visit me for lunch and my wife wanted to go to either Paradise Bakery or California Crisp. I chose Paradise Bakery.

Now, I said the other day that the sandwiches at Paradise Bakery are just average. And, I am going to stick to that assertion today. I had the New Southwest Chicken Sandwich. It was OK. It was fresh. The chicken was a real breast of chicken. But, the sandwich was unremarkable. The sandwich was too tall and messy as I tried to eat it. My wife had the Chicken Salad. The Chicken Salad is tasty, but the sandwich maker never ever puts enough Chicken Salad on the sandwich.

So, why do we bother to give them money for their food? Why do we go back? Why should you bother yourself with an unremarkable, but fresh, sandwich? It's the cookie. The chocolate chip cookie is just so wonderful, that it makes the whole experience worthwhile. Maybe I'm just too easy to please?

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Kai Jones said...

You nailed it: the cookie is worth the trip.