Widmer Gasthaus

We had dinner with friends last night at Widmer Gasthaus. It is a lovely place, located in an out-of-the-way location. It's always so clean and cheery inside. And, I always enjoy the food. Last night I decided to try the Meatloaf sandwich. You have a choice of adding bacon for about a buck more. Yup...I added the bacon. The meatloaf is very savory and kind of spicy. The bacon added a nice salty flavor. And, for $8.95, it filled my belly well. Now, the bowl of cheese soup I had before the sandwich and the potato salad that came with the sandwich did help. But, I probably could have done with out either of those items and still have been satisfied. Normally, I order the Sauerbraten (extra Sauer please!), but this sandwich was just as good. For the buck, I felt fully satisfied. By the way, they do serve beer, in case you were wondering.

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