Thai Go!

There are a lot of very tasty Thai restaurants throughout Portland. But, I must admit, one of my very favorites is located in the food court at Pioneer Place.

Thai Go! opened up about two years ago. There are two ways to get your food: 1) there are some dishes under a heat lamp or 2) you can order it fresh. I've never had the stuff under the heat lamp.

Yesterday, I had the Showering Rama, which is baby bok choi in peanut sauce, with your choice of chicken, pork, beef or tofu. I had the chicken, spicy level 5 (1 is mild and 5 is as hot as they will make it). They added some broccoli. Meals cost $6.50 and there is a lot of food on the plate. I haven't finished a meal in a very long time.

The best part is the punch card. Each time you go, they mark off your card. Buy nine dishes, and your tenth is free. Yesterday, I had my forth free one.

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