Rusty and I stopped into Kells last night before the Timbers game. It would be hard too not like Kells. We were just in time for Happy Hour. The following items were $3.00 each, with a minimum drink purchase, on the pub menu: Oyster Shooters (4), Jameson Hot Wings (8), a meat loaf sandwich, the Dublin Chicken Curry and Chips, and Kells Irish Nachos. Our total bill was about $25.00 and we were both very full and quite happy.

Any item, by itself and at full price, would have been disappointing. The shooters weren't as good as at Montage. The wings weren't very hot and kind of thin on meat. The meat loaf sandwich didn't compare to the meat loaf at Widmer Gasthaus. The Dublin Chicken and Curry Chips was truly skimpy. The Nachos lacked enough toppings.

But, all of this, taken as a whole, was fabulous. You can't beat the price.

And, of course, it's Kells. It's a beautiful pub.

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