Yucatan Grill

My wife and daughter came to visit me yesterday for lunch. I had not planned on having lunch, nor upon seeing them until work was over. So, it was a double-surprise. She was in a hurry, as was I, so we opted to catch a quick bite to eat at Yucatan Grill, located in, you guessed it, the Pioneer Place Food Court.

We both ordered a quesadilla. She ordered one with chicken and I choose one made with carne asada. The quesadillas were both quite large and tasty, costing just $4.79 a piece. But, I was disappointed in the salsa. There were three to choose from. I chose the two hottest salsas. They were both just kind of boring. The quesadillas were much better without the salsa.

If you are planning on using your plastic, please be warned and prepared. Yucatan Grill will not accept cards for purchases under $5.00.


Anonymous said...

Bonus Bonus Bonus,
About one week ago I ordered the Nachos from Yucatan Grill Pioneer Place, to my great surprise as I bit into about the 5th chip I found a ROCK yeah thats right a freaking ROCK! When I went to the counter to speak to a MGR the first guy there who took my order DIDNT speak ENGLISH! So he went and got another guy who also DIDNT speak ENGLISH, Finally they got the supervisor from the place next door, and she VOCAB of about 25 words, didnt know how to refund my money on to my credit card, wouldnt let me speak to the real MGR, wouldnt give me the MGRs number, or owners info, or anything! Just TOLD me to come back the next day and the MGR would be there.

So I did go back, guess what the MGR did.... Gave me a hand written piece of paper with a phone number on it! Thats it! I drove from Salem to Portland for a piece of paper!

I am now in deep conversations with their corp office, as my tooth is really starting to bug me!

Beware eat at your own risk!

Anonymous said...

you're a freaking idiot for driving from salem to portland for a stupid refund of a meal, that at most cost 10$ from the food court!! LMAO.... you should be mad at yourself for wasting your own time and energy over something so small and stupid. It's not even worth the gas you spent. LMAO