I really wasn't planning on eating anything for lunch yesterday. But as I was walking around, I suddenly decided something needed to go into the pit that was becoming my stomach. That's when I found myself in "the Pit;" AKA: the Pioneer Place Food Court. Nothing sounded good. But, as I stood there, surveying the wonder that is the Pit, I remembered a little promise I had made to myself just a week earlier...I am going to try every spot at the Pit. Why? Well, much like climbing mountains....because it's there.

I've covered two places at the Pit so far on this blog. Where was I to go next? And that's when I set my eyes upon Wrapture. Wrapture makes wraps. I know, that's earth-shattering news. They also have salads. I chose the BLTA, which is a Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and...wait for it...Avocado wrap.

The bacon was very crisp. The lettuce and tomato were fine. I couldn't really taste the avocado, mostly because there was some kind of spread on the wrap. The real problem with a wrap is that it rarely holds together. The stuff just kind of falls out as you bite into it.

I got a choice of a side salad to go with my wrap. There was a Caeser salad, your typical iceberg lettuce salad, a pasta salad, and the cucumber salad. I chose the cucumber...mostly out of guilt for consuming bacon.

How was it? Well, it filled my belly. It tasted OK. But, I felt that it was over-priced at $6.75. I paid exactly $2.00 too much for it. But, maybe that's the price of convenience?

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