Baja Best Mex Grill

Here's the second half. While Rusty was gorging himself on Gandhi's yesterday, my lunch came from the other long-term resident, Baja Best Mex Grill. I don't eat there very often, as I give in to Gandhi's. But, yesterday was about the readers, and not my own particular weaknesses.

It's been a long time since I have partaken of Baja. And after yesterday's meal, I am really questioning myself as to why. The short of it is that I had a terrific lunch, for $5.90. I chose one of my favorites...fish tacos. I've eaten fish tacos all over Portland and I thought yesterday was the perfect chance to stack Baja's fish tacos against the competition.

There were two choices; 1) cod or 2) the fish of the day. What was I to do? At $2.95 a taco, I decided to have one of both. The fish of the day was Ahi.

Baja wasn't the fastest. It took a while to get those two tacos to me, and there wasn't anybody in front of me. But, it gave me a chance to survey the real strength of this place, which is the salsa bar. There were no less than four salsas. I tried three (passing completely on the pico and just going for the more fiery choices). There were also pickled carrots and pickled jalapenos.

The Ahi taco was good. It was grilled, not fried. Quite delicious. The cod was actually better. It was crisp and tasted quite fresh. The Ahi was just a bit on the dry side.

All in all, it was very good. It wasn't the very best fish taco that's ever passed these lips, but it was solid and well worth the price. I was quite satisfied.
My favorite part was the pickled jalapeno. I swear, it tasted almost exactly like the sweet pickles my Uncle used to make (except he used cucumbers and not jalapenos). Rusty thought I was crazy. I retorted that I hadn't had my Uncle's pickles in nearly 20 years (and as he passed away in 1992, there is no chance I will ever get them again) and it was the idealized memory of those pickles that I was comparing the jalapenos to. What does that mean for you? Nothing. But, I thought I should mention it.
So, try the Baja Best Mex Grill, if you can make it past Ganhdi's.

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