JLowe and I conceived of an idea last week that we thought was pseudo-brilliant: going to a food court, dining at separate locations there, and doubling up the blogging for you.

Apparently he got a head start without me yesterday, opting for Wrapture in the Pioneer Place food court while I was at Geraldi's. The funny thing is that, independently of that, GastroBoy and I almost went to the food court ourselves. Had we run into JLowe, given that he's already covered Thai Go, I imagine the choices yesterday would've been California Crisp and Paradise Bakery, although there's always S'barro (Michael Scott's favorite authentic New York pizza on The Office) or, heaven forbid, the only thing worse than McDonald's, which is McMallDonald's.

Anyway, I had a little cash in my pocket today, so I suggested to JLowe that we do our idea, but with a twist which we'd also discussed. Instead of going to the Pioneer Place food court, we would go to the International Mini Food Court (as me and my ilk affectionately know it) to dine.

The IMFC is located on SW 2nd Street, just a block south of the MAX, and contains (at the moment) a Mexican place (where JLowe went) and Gandhi's. There's also usually some sort of asian cuisine up front, but that particular kiosk changes users like I change underwear (which may not have been much in the past, but now that I'm riding my bike to work most days, I'm averaging 2.5 pairs per day). Currently they are between occupants, which made for ample empty seating upstairs.

JLowe made curry last night, and brought some for lunch to work today (and, upon getting my text message invite to lunch, promptly downed it for breakfast), so there was no fight (as there otherwise would've been) over who would get to eat, and thus blog, Gandhi's.

Gandhi, or whatever the owner's name is, runs a quick and easy business right up front in the IMFC. Lining the wall that you wait along are newspaper critics' homages to his little niche. His menu is simple. A few chicken dishes (vindaloo, makhani, and a third that simply escapes me right now) and a vegetarian option. With each you get a vegetable side, a few optional condiments (like cilantro, some sort of red spicy sauce, a yogurt-and-cucumber sauce, and another creamy something), all atop a huge serving of steamed rice. There's a lamb option, too, if you really need it, but noone does.

Most everything costs less than $6, so if you opt for a soda you generally will spend about $6.50 altogether.

Today, I ordered the chicken vindaloo, as always with spinach.

I then headed upstairs to enjoy.

And enjoy I did. The vindaloo, which is often spicy, was a little extra so today, which was a nice surprise. The spinach was creamy to the point of butteriness, but without feeling too heavy. Within the vindaloo was a lot of chicken, well over what you would expect for $5.50, and it was cooked moist-yet-firm so that it wasn't dry at all.

Given the price you pay at Gandhi's, the servings are massive. I suppose the heaping helping of rice has something to do with that. The plate is heavy as you carry it, and it's hard (though almost always possible) to finish your food because it is so plentiful. I ended up leaving some of my rice on the plate today, and still walked away absolutely stuffed.

As a side-note, GastroBoy ended up showing up as JLowe and I finished our lunches. That would be the first time the three of us have dined at the same table together. For what it's worth.

I went back to my office ready to nap (sadly, I didn't get to), happy with the knowledge that I'd cost-effectively stuffed my gullet with the best Indian fast food in town. Everyone I know who has been to Gandhi's has enjoyed it. You will, too.

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