Suki Hana

Stopped by Suki Hana in the Pioneer Place Food Court yesterday for lunch. I'm not a big fan of Bento, but I am dedicated to this blog. So, I spent about ten minutes trying to decide what to have. There were three people working the counter, and they were more than willing to offer me a sample of whatever I pleased.

I settled on the Pineapple Chicken. Why? It's not deep-fried like a couple of the other choices and it's got pineapple. Although I love hot, spicy, fiery food, I also love the pineapple. Makes me think of Hawaii.

As I rarely ever get a drink with my meal, the price for lunch was $5.25. The plate was quite full (to the point where I was unable to complete the meal). Overall, tasty. What I especially liked was that the side of vegetables (cabbage, broccoli and peppers) was still crispy. That's a big plus in my book. Over-cooked vegetables are nasty. So, I was pleased.


Anonymous said...

I've been a long time patron of Suki Hana and other Kelly's Cajun Grill Franchise Corp. That ended today.

In all fairness, the Suki Hana I went to was in Christiana Mall in Newark, Delaware. That's not the one reviewed in the blog entry. However, my experiences up until today used to be similar to the pleased review here. Not now.

My, how this place has gone downhill so quickly! I started going there because the food was delicious and a great value. Truly a BUYER BEWARE establishment. They will fill ALL THREE compartments with noodles or ride, and put just a tablespoon or two of the meat selection in the other compartments. Even the person behind me called them on this dishonesty. Yes, all three compartments were topped up with the cheap stuff, and they skimped on the "meat." When I brought that to their attention, the "supervisor" got angry and started yelling at me, essentially calling me a liar. She said if I want more meat, I have to pay more.

Any business that charges you more to get what you should have gotten is untrustworthy. Their customer service is definitely non existent given the angry and volatile reaction I got from their supervisor. Maybe it's better on another shift, but honest service shouldn't be something you should have to gamble on. They lost a long time customer today, and they've earned themselves a very poor review.

Anywhere there's a dishonest Suki Hana or other dishonest Kelly's Cajun Grill Franchise Corp. restaurant there will be many other places to eat. Spend your money someplace that won't cheat you and lie about it.

Anonymous said...

We've been going to the Suki Hana in Pioneer Place Mall in Portland, OR for several years. We like the Yakisoba noodles with the Pepper Chicken - good and spicy!

HOWEVER, we've noticed that the quality is going downhill and today was the last straw. Instead of chicken meat, we had chucks of chicken fat. Pure, unadulterated, spicy fat. It was absolutely gross. In fact, the thought of having all of that fat on the noodles made us so ill that we just threw out the rest of the plate, even the noodles and veggies. We will never go back there again. It was absolutely nasty!