Cha Cha Cha!

I have been on a quest for the past 18 years. When I was but 15 years old, I was introduced to the torta at a greasy little taco cart in Tijuana, Mexico. That "sandwich" was amazing. For the next three summers, I enjoyed tortas while my friends ate the tacos. I have never tasted its equivalent. And, believe you me, I have tried. Every taco stand at every county fair and every Mexican restaurant whose threshold I have crossed has been examined for a torta that would come just somewhat close to that delectable treat I had so long ago. Few even offer the torta. Those that do have fallen woefully short, until this very evening.

I have lived near Cha Cha Cha! on 27th and NE Broadway for over 6 years. Sadly, I had dined there before. I say sadly, because hidden away inside that very restaurant was the greatest torta I have ever tasted, the very torta for which I had been searching. It was a massive feast on bread. Here's the description from the menu: Clasica Torta; "French bread, pinto beans, guacamole, layered with al pastor, asada, ham, bacon, sliced cheese, romaine lettuce and tomatoes."  The price for this masterpiece was only $5.95. Cha Cha Cha! has done with the torta what Stanich's has done to the hamburger...taken it to a whole different level.

My wife had the chimichanga. which was also $5.95. Equally delicious, equally filling. My wife only ate a third of it. Our daughter had a quesadilla. Total price, with one soda, this evening was $16.15. It was worth every penny.

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