My latest trend seems to be towards finding new and interesting breakfast options around town, so my next few posts will cover my recent finds. You'll be able to review all breakfast-related posts by clicking the "Breakfast" tab to the right.

First off, though, please recall that our blog's current fave-rave for breakfast is The Screen Door. Please consider this your jumping-off place for breakfast in Portland.

That said, my brother-in-law was in town, and my mother-in-law decided to go for something new and different. Hence our visit to Sckavone's at SE 41st and Division.

The restaurant itself is cute. Open space, simple in appearance, it's pretty no-nonsense, which is always a good sign. It being a nice morning, we opted for the outdoor seating (which is along 41st) and were delighted to watch the neighbor's bunnies hopping about (my daughter had trouble focusing on the food because the bunnies so enticed her).

The menu, like the restaurant, is no-nonsense. All pretty basic stuff. Again, I like a place that keeps it simple and sticks to a few items they do well. Too many places venture too far off towards the experimental to the detriment of the customer.

That said, I opted for a special (which is generally against my rules), a scramble with spicy sausage and gouda, so I figured there wasn't any real way to mess it up.

Gladly, I was right. The food was ably done, and the portion was sized consistent with the price. Certainly not a knock-out, but a quality offering that puts the place on the list of go-to places for future use.

The potatoes on the side have a nice bit of bite to them without overwhelming. The coffee, of all things, was the thing I liked the least, and it reminded me that coffee is an essential element to a good breakfast. Here, you're better served going for a juice.

My wife, as usual, ordered from the French Toast/Pancake menu, and the result was typically non-noteworthy. She had a side of bacon which was alright.

Brother-in-law opted for the Strapazzare, an over-whelming mash-up of pizza-meets-breakfast which he couldn't eat all of. He did enjoy it quite a bit, though.

Friendly service, good-sized portions, affordability and better-than-average food make Sckavone's a place to hit in the future. Let us know what you think.

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