Mini-post: Screen Door

So we often post one visit and never discuss a place again. But today I'm establishing the mini-post. Places we've been before but where there's something new to say, quickly.

Today: Screen Door.

What's new? Ate different food.

What's the same? Great ambience, great quality, good service.

Today's quick thoughts:

Avocado omelette: super-good. It's a special item, but if it's on the menu, snatch it up.

Spicy pork scramble: not spicy. If you want spicy, stick with the cajun scramble instead.


steven andresen said...


Where is the Screen Door? If you put a link in this post, maybe to a website, or to your previous post on the place, that would be better.

Otherwise, keep eating.

Rusty said...


Of course, you're right. The mini-post is a work in progress, and I'd been planning on re-visiting it and putting in the requisite linkage.

In the meantime, you can always use the Blogger search box up top to find "Screen Door" (or any other restaurant) posts in our blog.

Thanks for the read!

MaryBeth said...

The Screen Door is located on around NE 23rd and Burnside in Portland Oregon. They are awesome and always busy, and the food is wonderful.

Anonymous said...


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