We have posted about Stanford's before. This is a re-review, and I felt obligated to write it.

I have been eating at Stanford's over a decade. It's always been a stand-by. I could always count on a solid meal for a fair price.

My wife and I decided to get a bite to eat the other night. We sat down, noticed the new decor, and we looked down at the menu. My jaw nearly dropped out of my mouth. There had been a price adjustment.

The food was still solid. It's the price...it's become too much. This adjustment took it from a place where I could eat once a week, to a place where I might eat once every nine months...maybe. The menu's pricing is now more like Paragon, without the ambiance or originality. The food is still good, but not for the price. Stanford's is off my list.


Kai Jones said...

Huh. We got a gift card from them ($25) in last week's mail, along with one for Newport Bay.

Think I'll check prices before we choose to use those gift cards.

Rick Hamell said...

Got the gift cards too, did the same thing and went to use them. The quality of the food seemed to have gone down a tiny bit. But the prices went up a LOT.