Fish and Chips on Ne Alberta...I really like this place. Maybe I shouldn't, given the price. Maybe I shouldn't, because of the small space and the feeling of dinginess. Maybe I shouldn't, because of the oil they use (transfat). And yet, I keep going back.

Last night, we had supper with my wife's parents. They were suppose to be on a plane, but it just didn't happen last night. So, we picked them up from the airport and took them to Halibut's. We chose to sit outside at a table along the sidewalk (We had the baby with us). There isn't much room inside. There are three tables on the restaurant side, with several more in the bar area. Usually we just take the fish to go, but last night was such a beautiful evening.

I had the catfish. My wife had and my mother-in-law had the Halibut. My father-in-law opted for chicken tenders. The food came quick. It was hot and tasty. There were plenty of chips. We were all full. I like this place a lot. I've heard that a lot of people have issues with this particular place...I'm just not one of them.

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Lynette said...

I really like Halibut's, too; so does my 81-year-old mama. The first time we ate their fish and chips was last September's Last Thursday. I had set up across the street, trying to sell photos and painted wooden stuff. It's proximity and crowd made our dining decision easy. Delicious but crowded. Then, in May I set on for Last Thursday way off, at 28th, but my sweet sons walked to Halibut's and got my fish and chips for me. All those months later, on a particularly busy night, the taste and texture still satisfied. Now Halibut's is one of our Last Thursday traditions.